Birch Bark Basketry
 January 6-8
North House Folk School

Participants will complete two baskets- one that uses woven strips of bark, and one using a sheet of bark that will be folded and stitched together with spruce roots. Learn the basics of preparing bark for use, selecting the right bark for a project, and hear about the harvesting process. 

Willow Basketry
January 13-15 2023

North House Folk School  


Basic Willow Basketry. Make your own sturdy, round basket. 



 Bark Tanned Sheep Hides
April 4-9 2023

North House Folk School

Co- taught with Molly Meyer and Eric Edgin. Tan your own sheep hide while learning about bark tanning, and hide preparation. 



 Basketry workshops include material harvest, working with willow, birch bark, cedar bark, cattail, and other local materials.